Celebrating the Launch of Our "Cracking The Code" Event Series

Photo Credit: Ondre Johnson

Teaching empathy is the first step to truly making a difference in our world.

On October 21st, 2023, A Place in Zion and our Alzheimer's Enrichment program launched its first event in our "Cracking The Code" series. The overall goal of these events are to educate all those who have been affected by the Dementia / Alzheimer's diagnosis, whether it's in a parent, friend, client, or anyone close to you.

Many caregivers do not fully understand all of the symptoms of Dementia / Alzheimer's. We're changing that.

Our team has carefully crafted an interactive simulation that allows anyone to step into the shoes, mind, ears, and hands of someone who experiencing Dementia / Alzheimer's and gain insight into their daily struggles of life that many able-bodied and able-minded people take for granted.

Yes, Dementia / Alzheimer's affects the brain and its cognitive abilities. But because our brains are in charge of our entire bodies, those effects are then passed on to other parts of the body that we often overlook. Empathizing with our seniors and making the effort to fully understand how they feel will not only change your life and your world view, but also allow you to show up and give better care to your loved ones.

This has been really enlightening for me...and life-changing.

Here are 3 reasons why you should attend an event:

You help prevent premature institutionalization into care facilities.

Many people that don't fully understand the symptoms and effects of Dementia / Alzheimer's tend to get easily frustrated with the seniors they care for. In an attempt to ease their stress, they make the decision to place their senior in a care facility, where they end up receiving much less individual care and empathy. Learning how to break out of that cycle of frustration and institution with our faith-based, love-first approach can lead to many more years of increased quality of life, spent happily with family.

You learn how to improve the quality of life for someone suffering through a confusing illness.

Just because someone has Dementia / Alzheimer's does not mean that they must continue to live in despair, confusion, and unhappiness. There are real steps we can take to make sure that they continue to smile and live strongly. We offer general and personalized insight into methods that will improve your senior's quality of life.

You can get the support that you need.

Just being in attendance lets others know that they are not alone in their struggle. We understand that what you go through is unique and we are here to support you, answer whatever questions we can, and give you the hope to continue in your journey.

Join us to learn something that will change your life and brighten your future.

Our events will be increasing in frequency so that we can reach as many people as possible. You can register for the next event here or by clicking the button below. See you soon!